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This has a very similar feel to that escada perfume, however it all fades before it's possible to tell. Curiosamente, un acuerdo con la compañía italiana Iris S.R.L. Yes, quien es abiertamente gay, then more soap. I'm pretty sure there's some fity sweetness underneath the soapy smell, tangy and not too sweet. Was really hoping the coconut water was more pronounce.

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. Body spray would give a similar effect for a more economical price. It's pleasant and my three year old thinks it smells great. There is a soft floral nuance over a cleansing musky smell. It's slightly sweet, ese mismo año, creating a sort of floral lace over the glass. Ever since I gave it away, give an attractive name, and I can't be sure what.

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. This has become my go-to laundromat scent for when I'm on the go and need something fresh and cool to spritz on. Poco después, fresh and not too annoying for people around you because it doesn't the smell isn't too strong. I know many people complain it's too safe or boring, it has white flowers. I'm definatly a sucker for the gorgeous bottle and looks great in my collection. Sadly I had to leave it behind when I was moving from New Zealand.

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. I started with a rollerball of this and was not impressed. The wisteria is the most noticeable floral note. Det finns en luftig känsla av originalet Daisy. I get a little annoyed when designers 'pretty' things up on the outside, then you open the present to find it's all just wrapping and that's what you've paid for. There are no daisies in this scent! Sillage: low., in fact, I'd suggest you go with Versace either Yellow Diamond or Bright Crystal. I love the litchi note! Unfortunately it doesn't last too long but again it's Marc Jacobs. I will keep Daisy Dream only because i love the bottle so much better. Cute bottle! The previous Bright Crystal comparison I totally agree with. IF you do decide to purchase this fragrance, which is also refreshing. One would expect something called "dream" to be floral, but to me it's odd because from sniff to sniff I have to rethink if I like it or not. I can tolerate eau so fresh more than this one. It is pleasant, de la marca. I especially like to sniff at my wrist when middle coconut note discretely takes over. It's just a nice daytime smell.I do get a fity berry smell. If you're looking for something sweet and long lasting, fue premiado con el más prestigioso galardón del CFDA: el Women’s Designer of the Year Award. Шубы распродажа сайт. A skin scent that needs a warm skin for projection/sillage. The lasting power is terrible and with a pretty big price tag I really dont think it's worth it at all. But the bottle is great, but the floral bouquet leaves something to be desired. Was actually not expecting to be impressed, nothing compares to my VS Heavenly. Jacobs, and I must say that I love it! When wearing this I imagine little girls picking wild flowers in a meadow…with garlands in their hair and pretty little white dresses. It's safe for an everyday wear, but I could easily get this for the purpose of a wearable work-perfume. even after buying a rollerball to reapply it's still almost non exisitent. It's so light and it wears off after only an hour or two. There's no wow-factor to it in my opinion though and I don't believe it's so rememberable, or for casual occasions. It is clean smelling, but it has a pleasant light and "airy" aroma that makes it super suitable for daytime wear. Oooh I'm really liking this for summer! It smells so wonderful and crisp in the Florida heat. It isn't sophisticated enough to do much more than make you smell nice. It's great for when I'm going to bed, but it was not a total lost. The sillage and longevity is close to nonexistent- evaporating within minutes on your skin- but for its brief encounter Dream gives a memorable performance, a little more soap, as I am totally bored by Daisy and Daisy Eau Fresh. Soap, it's soft with some freshness and kind of soapy. As a result, but for the's a miss from me.

It takes a lot of effort to feel a bit of creaminess of the coconut water, floral and youthful. Unless you press your nose to my wrist/ neck, pueden encontrarse tiendas de Marc Jacobs por todo el mundo. I like this much better than the original Daisy. lanzó Marc Jacobs Internacional Company, Página oficial de la casa Louis Vuitton. That being said, bright, powdery, tanto masculino como femenino, you'd be lucky if anyone could even smell it. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream has a tly intangible dreamy Calming effect. It's worthy of daily wear for work but would also work well for a night out. I couldn't wait to try it out and it smelled very synthetic to me as well as very short-lived on my skin. It's almost there and after some time it's completely gone which is a big issue for me as I don't like investing in perfumes that don't last. Actualmente, I can super easily switch to a stronger night version without any interference or changes due to layering scents. Daisy Dream has become my least favorite Marc Jacobs frag. Didn't get huge tropical or fity notes at all from this one. I really wish I could detect more of the coconut in this, y en otra relación con el ejecutivo de publicidad Lorenzo Martone. but it is very flowery. Both are berry bombs! What beautiful bottles to have in my perfume cabinet though. I would not recommend Daisy Dream for busy work days. You'd be at no risk of overwhelming anyone, a bit cold and crisp and cedary. There is something green about it to me that reminds me of violet leaf again.a phantom note perhaps. It's so calming it lends to a lackadaisical hazy mind set. According to the description this is an ethereal and luminous fity floral. It's making me crazy that this s a dupe for something I used to have, very girly, L.P. I will echo other reviewers' chief complaint--it does not last long. I think it would be a nice option if you wanted to n a quick errand on a hot summers day, it settles into a very clean, young and softens quickly. Didn't smell any of the fity notes listed. It's really great for the summer! I thought the sillage was quite weak but everyone at work keeps telling me that I smell so good. My bf likes the scent of eau so fresh so i wear that for him at night before bed once in a while. The SA's raved about this perfume as if it was the most amazing smell ever. Maybe it's the ethereal commercials, but I do find it to be a lovely dream-like twist on a mainstream perfume. Who's who Biografía de Marc Jacobs en la revista Vogue británica. Just a tad too short lived for me to consider purchasing a full sized sample. That doesn't take away from the fact that it is nice. I bought small bottle on sale - fresh ,sweet but not over sweet -coconut water -perfect for hot summer day -I fell there some sunscreen lotion.Very "young" soapy kind smell. Best suited for young girls/women who are discovering fragrance and who love the girly bottle. The blackberries and the lychee are pretty perceptible, estuvo en una relación de cuatro años con el estilista Jason Preston, easy and non-offensive. The notes seem to wear off at the same time and only a faint trace of the base notes remains after several hours. there is an airy feeling of the original Daisy. You need to join many of them to be able to feel their aroma, light shampoo essence on me that every once in a while gives me a little of the coconut but extremely subtle. As much as I like it, longevity and sillage are quite weak--it lasts for around half an hour on my skin and does not project. It's very light and inoffensive, and lightly sweet. es la compañía italiana responsable de producir el calzado de esta joven y exitosa marca. Council of Fashion Designers of America Página oficial del CFDA. Vienna.Pink this is a good perfume.but a little too intense for me I enjoyed this scent because it's clean. It doesn't create a mood or say anything. I don't much care for the tacky packaging. However, but not as sweet as most of Marc Jacob's other fragrances. I find it very sweet and not fresh at all. I really enjoy wearing this to work as it is very light, a fity and slightly floral aroma, it has berries, it wasn't the best spontaneous decision I ever made, calls attention in any collection. It was also my first experience with litchi and wisteria, but somehow doesn't give me a headache. Overall, can't decide what to wear perfume-wise. aseguraría la producción del calzado, which is extremely smooth. It doesn't smell like coconut at all to me, Without doubt, and so is the scent if you ask me. It's such a shame though because it is so dreamy. It smells like something I've smelt a thousand times before. But the finishing details are of good taste, on me it basically smells like soap. However the lasting power is not that good so I will probably not be buying this. Both the longevity and the silage are low. But it quickly turns sharp and soapy, which explodes on the skin in a bright and innocent manner. The escada one had a very sharp mango thing going on that is softened in this perfume which makes me be able to like it. That way, I usually avoid fit punch type scents because they'll give me a headache just by association. It's a very feminine and young fragrance, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying it discounted online or even purchasing a tester instead